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Yesterday I met Samuel.

user by Gina Chavez
calendarThursday, 14 August

He was at the bus stop near S. Congress Ave. and Oltorf waving his arms for us to pull over. Our Mobile Loaves & Fishes truck was still full of food and clothes but Samuel wasn’t hungry.

I found myself in one of those potentially awkward, but truly raw and beautiful moments, praying with a grown man outside of the HEB. Thank you, Samuel, for inviting me into your life for a moment; for sharing your struggles and wisdom; and for reigniting my own faith by fearlessly seeking human connection and a reason to hope. I know every second it’s a battle to say no to the addiction, but you’re not alone. You are loved.

#FireWater is the story of addiction. It’s not something you can just turn off, but it’s not who you are either. Samuel, this one’s for you.


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